Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In the Pacific Northwest!

Ah... Hello friends.... I'm feeling so fortunate this morning to be here in the Pacific Northwest. First, a two day silent retreat... just myself. Then I'll be meeting up with sister Spirit Doll artists to create more sacred dolls this weekend. Expect lots of pictures!

Here's where I had lunch yesterday.... just beautiful!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finding PEACE in the storm...

Good morning friends.... I posted this over on my Prayer Crone blog... and feel strongly enough about it to repost it here. I know, I usually post about my art activities. But the wisdom here, is at the very core of me. At least it's what I WANT to have at my inner core....

Finding the calm in stormy times...

Today's Daily Word should have been read last night! Just before retiring, I got the news that one of our renters gave notice and that the attendance for the workshop this weekend is very low. I had great news yesterday too. I was invited to do a workshop at our local metaphysical store. 
   But, I let the agitation overwhelm me... and I couldn't drift off to sleep. Well, here are the words that really speak to my inner core:
At the core of my being, I find peace.
We are told that Jesus didn’t fret about the storms in his life. He remained confident and denied them any power. In the same way, I say, Peace, be still, to any storms in my life. I deny them any power over me.
In the midst of a tumultuous situation, I turn within, close my eyes, and observe my emotions. I notice any restlessness in me and whisper to it: Peace, be still. I focus on my breathing and feel the storm dissipate. By tapping in to the peace at the core of my being, I find the calm strength necessary to meet challenges and overcome difficulties as Jesus did.
Right and perfect solutions come, and all things work together for good. Even in stormy times, I am at peace, and all is well.
He woke up and rebuked the wind and the raging waves; they ceased, and there was a calm.—Luke 8:24
Well, if Jesus didn't fret over the storms in his life... isn't that a good model for myself? Turning within, I can whisper to myself: Peace, be still. I can focus on my breathing, tapping into the peace that is truly at the core of my being, finding the calm I so deeply desire. 
I am grateful for these powerful words of wisdom.
God Bless and Namaste...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Prayer Crone

Good morning friends... just thought I'd invite you to one of my other blogs: PRAYER CRONE. Here, I am committed to posting a daily prayer from the heart of my Crone Self. If you're so moved, I invite you to join me in a short daily prayer. Sweet blessings, Chris

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Quite a Lacy Bounty!

I was going to post a series of pictures of the AMAZING lace I found at a garage sale last week... for 'wordless Wednesdays'. Guess I missed the deadline! But, while I love making Spirit Dolls... I flipped for these fibers!!! Garage sale last week. For less than $70 I came home with arm fulls of  beautiful vintage laces... most from the late 1890's! Including some wonderful millinery netting! Just look at these yummy photos!  (So I sneaked in a few fabric lace pages for another Suffragette Book.) Stay tuned!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The newest additions...

All are free standing.... perfect for desk, shelf, or alter.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Crone faces....

Have you searched for a long time, looking for that perfect, wrinkled, aged, crinkled face that represents the years of experience and wisdom of our Ancient Grandmothers?

Well, my friend Judy was kind enough to send me several Apple Doll faces to use when making my 'Ancient' looking dolls. You can see one of my dolls using an apple doll face in the last picture here.

Inspired by their 'ancient creativity', I was able to make a mold to create these polymer faces! As with all my other faces, you'll find layer upon layer of glazes.... bits of aged, yellowish wrinkled skin, a tad of blush, and deeply etched furrows. Each face was finished with a translucent layer of Stewart Gill's Alchemy for an iridescent Shimmer.

Each face is approximately 2" long by 1.5" wide. There are no two alike!
ON SALE IN MY ETSY SHOP.Sweet Blessings, Chris

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busy Weekend Blessed by Goddesses!

Here are a few of the beauties that came to me this Weekend. Soon to be listed on Etsy.

This ancient Crone... turned out a bit blurry in the photo... but she is the keeper of much wisdom!
 I found some amazing vintage netting to adorn her grey locks... you can't quite make out her wisdom book and her sacred pouch.

 How do you like the character and image of her face... she seems to speak such wisdom!
 She is mounted on a beautiful wooden block made by a 98 year old man.
 Here is her Sacred pouch... perfect to stow away sacred stones, crystals, or charms.
 And here is her Wisdom book, all blank for you to jot your words of wisdom. Button is the Choku Rei Reiki symbol of oneness.
 and from the back...
 Again... sort of a blurry picture.  This is "Too Muchness"... I've yet to come to her 'real' name... but she represents all of us who have been labeled 'too much'.
 I love her raving red hair. She has a fabulous vintage netting cascading over her hair. Note the 'too much' layers of beaded necklace. Her breast plate depicts her sacred bosoms, and hieroglyphics of ancient lore.

 Many steamers of Sari Silks flow from her extended arms.

 She has such a wistful gaze... dreaming of possibilities!
 Closeup of her prayer stick. You can't quite make out the Selenite crystal energizing the prayer stick.
 And from the back, you can see the multi-fabric of her tunic.

 And here is the Ancient Crone.... her face is made from an Apple! (Apple dolls are a craft of the past..) I love her crinkles and wrinkles!
 Her necklace is strung beads with some sort of claw wrapped in Native American braid.
 A side view of her prayer staff and cascading feathered headdress.

 Another close up... her face looks so real!
 And from the back.  She is mounted on a thick chunk of driftwood collected near Klamath, CA.
I'd love to hear your feedback... what you liked, suggestion for names? Thanks so much,
Sweet Blessings, Chris
PS These will be soon listed on my Etsy site.