Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nurture, Nourish, Refresh: Our Awesome Self-Care Retreat

It was an honor to co-facilitate this fabulous retreat last weekend. Joyce Leonard led deep Reiki style meditations focusing on the five elements. I taught both a journal making and 'Inner Spirit Doll' classes. Here are a few of the photos...

Catching up!

Wow... We're half way through Spring! I have to admit, when you don't see new postings from me for a while, it's because I'm in 'creating mode'!!

I got on a roll a few weeks ago and created 70 Garden Signs to sell in my shop! Then, I went on to bricks...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dyed lace and four more sachets

I spent yesterday afternoon dying, lace that is. I love the mottled purple, green, peach.... Didn't think to take a picture of all the laces, most of which are now in three of these sachets.
This first one was actually the last one I finished yesterday.

Oh my... I did something with my camera, trying to reduce the picture size and now I can't quite manage these. Oh well, you can still see. Thanks! xoxo
PS... Please leave a comment. I've missed my blogger friends!

Needle books and Sachets, playing with lace!

I had to spend a few days in my studio. Been so busy remodeling our shop Boulder Creek Antiques & Art, my creative muse was getting grouchy!

So, here's what I've made this week....
I was so inspired by the gals at PIECEMAKERS, in Costa Mesa! Heather showed me so many interesting embroidery stitches and techniques. Often, she'd open her beautiful needle keeper. I was so impressed I had to make a few of my own.  Of course, all of these are for sale in my Etsy Shop.
 You are drooling over LOTS of vintage laces! The stone angel is from a photo I took at Holy Cross Cemetery near San Francisco.
 The little lace square is perfect for a pocket.
 These two pocket are the centerfold of the book, made from a beautiful vintage lace doily.
 A wide handmade lace makes this pocket.
 This is a simpler book, adorned with two beautiful plum colored flowers. I loved making these flowers! They are so delicate yet abundant! Layers of vintage laces and gauze under this vintage photo printed on twill.
 A wide piece of hand dyed green lace form the pockets in the center of this needle book.
 I love the beaded fringe!
 The silk embroidered flower on the front of this needle keeper came from an amazing piece of rescued designer fabric I picked up from FABMO. Check them out! Such a fabulous concept to upcycle and rescue beautiful textiles!
 The lace is all handmade... just delicate and beautiful!
 The lacy pocket on the right is an exquisite fine piece of lace. I have maybe a yard of it, so I use it sparingly. But it seemed perfect for here.
 Another stone angel graces the centerfold pockets made from a Victorian lace collar! Under the felt on the right side you can see a peek of some satin designer fabrics, also from FABMO.

Now, these four items are all lovely lavender sachets. Each one is a mini-collage of laces, flowers, and ribbons. I love playing with silks and satins to make flowers! Cut up doilies, vintage buttons, and more and more laces!
 I'm going to sell these in my store, Boulder Creek Antiques and Art... but I'm willing to sell them here if you're interested. Just let me know which one you want. They are all $16 each.
 Sweet blessings, from my Creative Muse, to yours. xoxo

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Floral Follies... An amazing doll retreat!

Here are a few pictures from just the first day. I promise I'll take lots of photos. The people here at Piecemakers have been absolutely wonderful, generous, and so inspiring!!

Here I am with the AMAZING Eleanor Peace Bailey!!
First doll I made in Eleanor's class....
This doll I'll tell you about in my next post.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Over the Top! Lacy Prayer Book/Album

Well, it's been almost two years since I started this Lacy Prayer Book! Each of the foundation pages are made from lovely designer tapestry fabrics, totally turned inside with no raw seams. The book measures about 9x10" and is 4" thick! FOR SALE IN MY ETSY SHOP.

The cover is a crazy quilted patchwork of velvets and silks, with many hand made crazy stitched embellishments, including some lovely silk embroidered flowers. The Blessed Mary is from one of my original paintings, printed on silk. She seems to reach right out to you.
 Lots of beautiful vintage laces have been stitched on, including this 1890's lady's collar.
 The first two inside pages.... both have pockets to tuck in your prayers. Believe and Hope are the themes here. Includes many layers of vintage crochet, tatting, handmade laces. And a bit more tapestry fabric. Images are all on silk.

 The next two page spread features a vintage image of Mother Mary printed on silk, some hand dyed wedding laces, a 1890's glass button, and more crazy quilted silks and velvets. There is a sizable pocket on the left page.

 With God, All things are Possible is the prayerful theme of the next two page layout.  You'll notice some petite pink silk flowers just above the tiny doily pocket (on the left).

 The right side is also embellished with more hand dyed laces, as well as a vintage angel and prayerful hands printed on silk. A sampling of crazy quilt stitches done in white accents this page.
 These two pages are perhaps my favorites! The rosettes you see are from the 1915 estate of a dressmaker. I've saved these flowers for years, and finally made the decision to include them here. You'll notice the vintage wedding dress netting as well as a snippet of ecru colored silk and netting from the dress.  Both praying images are printed on silk.

 This closeup of the right side page shows you the vintage organza lace from a baptism dress, forming the good size pocket. Also, you'll note the sweet crochet cup shaped pocket. I think this was actually one of those crochet coasters that would wrap around your glass of lemonade. It's perfect to hold a small memento.
 The last two pages are a deep purpe and blue. A Holy Card of Mother Mary printed on silk and a tiny pocket made from a vintage dress embellish this page. The button flower on the upper left was made from soft silks, lace, and ribbons rescued from the purple vintage dress. (I used several snippets from that dress!) Between the two pages you'll find an exquisite crochet doily.

 On the right youll notice a vintage cross hanging from a lavender silk ribbon, as well as another good sized pocket designed from the vintage dress.
 The back cover is a sweet section of a vintage table doily.
 It truly measures a generous 4 inches thick! Dripping with layers of laces, silks, and embellishments.
Thank you for looking and Sweet Blessings to you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'To DREAM' a Lace Mixed Media Album

For your enjoyment... A Lace Book now available in my ETSY SHOP.
 Front cover with layers of crochet lace doiley, roses, silk flower and just a touch of bling.
Inside front pages...layers of lace, sweet rosette flower, designer fabric samples, a pocket on the left side, "To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." quote on the right side. Lovely vintage painting has been printed on cotton twill.
 EVERY set of two pages supports a pocket for you to tuck in tags, messages, sweet thoughts.

 Sorry, this one is blurry... I've included a better closeup below.